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Council Policies

Policy Title Category Policy
A Sustainable Winnipeg Council  CO-004 
Aboriginal Pathways Economic Development  ED-002 
Active Transportation Transportation  TR-003 
Alternate Service Delivery Economic Development  ED-005 
Asset Management Finance  FI-011 
Business Improvement Zones Economic Development  ED-008 
Capital Region Municipalities Service Sharing Economic Development  ED-007 
CentreVenture Development Corporation Economic Development  ED-001 
Citizen Appointments to Boards & Commissions Council  CO-007 
City of Winnipeg Cultural (Arts and Cultural Funding) Council  CO-002 
City of Winnipeg Sponsorship Finance  FI-006 
City Visual Identity (Crest and Logo) Council  CO-001 
Climate Change Action Plan Environment  EN-002 
Commemorative Plaques In The City Hall Complex Council  CO-008 
Community Incentive Grant Program Leisure and Wellness  LW-007 
Complete Communities Direction Strategy Planning and Development  PD-010 
Councillors' Ward Allowance (CWA) Fund Policy Council  CO-006 
Cultural Centre Funding Planning and Development  PD-007 
Debt Management Finance  FI-002 
Development Agreement Parameters Planning and Development  PD-006 
Downtown Parking Transportation  TR-005 
Downtown Residential Development Strategy Planning and Development  PD-009 
Ecologically Significant Natural Lands Environment  EN-001 
Economic Opportunity Framework Economic Development  ED-003 
Emergency Preparedness Public Safety  PS-001 
Environmental Priorities Environment  EN-003 
Fees and Charges Manual Finance  FI-010 
Financial Management Plan Finance  FI-008 
Granular Surface Roadways Public Works  PW-002 
Green Standards for City Buildings (Existing Buildings) Environment  EN-004 
Green Standards for City Buildings (New Construction and Major Additions) Environment  EN-005 
H20 Help To Others Water and Waste  WW-005 
Handi-Transit Transportation  TR-002 
Heritage Buildings and Structures Economic Development  ED-009 
Hosting of Major Events and Games Finance  FI-007 
Housing Economic Development  ED-006 
Image Route Enhancement Transportation  TR-001 
Insect Control Public Safety  PS-002 
Investment Finance  FI-004 
Joint Use Development Leisure and Wellness  LW-004 
Land Dedication Reserve Leisure and Wellness  LW-006 
LiveSAFE Crime Prevention Strategy Public Safety  PS-003 
Loan Guarantee Finance  FI-005 
Local Area Plan - Assiniboia Downs Planning and Development  PD-021 
Local Area Plan - Bishop Grandin Crossing Planning and Development  PD-013 
Local Area Plan - Dawson Trail Planning and Development  PD-017 
Local Area Plan - North Inkster Industrial Neighbourhood Planning and Development  PD-018 
Local Area Plan - North Point Village Planning and Development  PD-016 
Local Area Plan - Palliser Planning and Development  PD-014 
Local Area Plan - Railside at The Forks Planning and Development  PD-023 
Local Area Plan - Red River Exhibition Lands Planning and Development  PD-022 
Local Area Plan - Taylor Redevelopment Planning and Development  PD-019 
Local Area Plan - Waterford Green Planning and Development  PD-015 
Local Area Plan - Yards at Fort Rouge Planning and Development  PD-020 
Materials Management Finance  FI-003 
Naming of Parks and Recreation Sites Leisure and Wellness  LW-001 
Newspaper Vending Machines in Streets Public Works  PW-005 
Open Government Council  CO-009 
OurWinnipeg Plan Planning and Development  PD-001 
Property - Acquisitions, Expropriations Planning and Development  PD-002 
Property - Leases, Rentals, Easements Planning and Development  PD-004 
Property - Sale of City-Owned Industrial Land Planning and Development  PD-012 
Property - Sales Planning and Development  PD-003 
Public Art Economic Development  ED-010 
Public Private Partnerships (P3s) Economic Development  ED-004 
Recreation, Leisure and Library Facilities Leisure and Wellness  LW-003 
Reserve Funds Finance  FI-001 
Riverbank Parkways Leisure and Wellness  LW-002 
Snow Clearing and Ice Control Public Works  PW-001 
Soliciting in the Civic Centre Complex Council  CO-003 
Sport Services Leisure and Wellness  LW-008 
Sustainable Transportation Transportation  TR-004 
Sustainable Water and Waste Public Works  PW-004 
Transit-Oriented Development Handbook Transportation  TR-006 
Transportation Master Plan Transportation  TR-007 
Universal Design Planning and Development  PD-005 
Universal Funding Formula Leisure and Wellness  LW-005 
Utility Dividend Finance  FI-009 
Walk-Up Service for Collection Water and Waste  WW-003 
Waste Management Strategy Public Works  PW-003 
Water Leak Credit Water and Waste  WW-004 
Winnipeg Antenna Systems Planning and Development  PD-008 

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