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Policy Title Category
Aboriginal Pathways Economic Development 
Active Transportation Transportation 
Alternate Service Delivery Economic Development 
Asset Management Finance 
Business Improvement Zones Economic Development 
Capital Region Municipalities Service Sharing Economic Development 
CentreVenture Development Corporation Economic Development 
Children 11 and Under Fare-Free Policy Transportation 
Citizen Appointments to Boards & Commissions Council 
City of Winnipeg Cultural (Arts and Cultural Funding) Council 
City of Winnipeg Plebiscites Council 
City of Winnipeg Sponsorship Finance 
City Visual Identity (Crest and Logo) Council 
Commemorative Plaques In The City Hall Complex Council 
Community Services Department Recreation, Leisure and Library Fees and Charges Leisure and Wellness 
Corporate Advertising Policy Council 
Councillors' Ward Allowance (CWA) Fund Policy Council 
Cultural Centre Funding Planning and Development 
Debt Management Finance 
Debt Strategy Finance 
Development Agreement Parameters Planning and Development 
Downtown Parking Transportation 
Downtown Residential Development Strategy Planning and Development 
Ecologically Significant Natural Lands Environment 
Economic Opportunity Framework Economic Development 
Emergency Preparedness Public Safety 
Employee Code of Conduct Council 
Employee Conflict of Interest Council 
Endowment Fund Policy Finance 
Engage Winnipeg Council 
Environmental Priorities Environment 
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Council 
Esplanade Riel and Winnipeg Sign Lighting Policy Council 
Fees and Charges Manual Finance 
Financial Management Plan Finance 
Granular Surface Roadways Public Works 
Green Standards for City Buildings (Existing Buildings) Environment 
Green Standards for City Buildings (New Construction and Major Additions) Environment 
H20 Help To Others Water and Waste 
Heritage Buildings and Structures Economic Development 
Hosting of Major Events and Games Finance 
Housing Economic Development 
Image Route Enhancement Transportation 
Indemnification of Council Members for Legal Proceedings Council 
Insect Control Public Safety 
Investment Finance 
Joint Use Development Leisure and Wellness 
Land Dedication Reserve Leisure and Wellness 
Lights Out Winnipeg Bird-Friendly Policy Planning and Development 
LiveSAFE Crime Prevention Strategy Public Safety 
Loan Guarantee Finance 
Local Area Plan - Assiniboia Downs Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - Bishop Grandin Crossing Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - Dawson Trail Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - North Inkster Industrial Neighbourhood Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - North Point Village Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - Palliser Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - Parker Lands Secondary Plan Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - Railside at The Forks Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - Red River Exhibition Lands Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - Taylor Redevelopment Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - Waterford Green Planning and Development 
Local Area Plan - Yards at Fort Rouge Planning and Development 
Low Income Transit Pass Transportation 
Materials Management Finance 
Multi-Year Budget Council 
Naming of Parks and Recreation Sites Leisure and Wellness 
Newcomer Welcome and Inclusion Policy Council 
Newspaper Vending Machines in Streets Public Works 
Open Government Council 
Plain Language Policy Council 
Public Art Economic Development 
Public Private Partnerships (P3s) Economic Development 
Real Estate - Acquisition of Property Planning and Development 
Real Estate - Declaration as Surplus and Sale of Property Planning and Development 
Real Estate - Land Operating Reserve Fund Planning and Development 
Real Estate - Leasing and Licensing of Property Planning and Development 
Reserve Funds Finance 
Riverbank Parkways Leisure and Wellness 
Saturday Complimentary On-Street Parking Transportation 
Snow Clearing and Ice Control Public Works 
SOA Dividend Finance 
Soliciting in the Civic Centre Complex Council 
Sport Services Leisure and Wellness 
Tax Increment Financing Policy Finance 
Transformative Reserve Fund Policy Finance 
Transit-Oriented Development Handbook Transportation 
Transportation Master Plan Transportation 
Universal Design Planning and Development 
Universal Funding Formula Leisure and Wellness 
Urban Agriculture on City Lands Planning and Development 
Utility Dividend Finance 
Value-in-Kind for Major Special Events Council 
Walk-Up Service for Collection Water and Waste 
Waste Management Strategy Public Works 
Water Leak Credit Water and Waste 
Welcoming Winnipeg: Reconciling our History Council 
Winnipeg Antenna Systems Planning and Development 
Winnipeg Transit Plus Transportation 
Winnipeg Transit Priority and Courtesy Seating Area Policy Transportation 

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